Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcome Bloggers Jan-apri2010!!!!

Welcome Bloggers ..... ! The adventures begins.... We are really excited for this new edition of ourWriting Group. This group of writers to be look very promising and we are sure we are about to ship off in a great journey...

Carlos Parraga:
Gilberto Mehtar:
Maria Alejandra Lugo Godoy:
Jose Revilla:
Eduardo Ponce:
Ricardo Hernández:
Carlos Vasquez:
Daniel Key:
Andrea Moreno
Javier Medina
Rafael Paredes:
Heberto Bravo:
Willian Abreu
Carlos Linares
Fabiola Vergara
Carlos Molina
Valeria Rosales:
Carlos Vasquez:
Marcos Moncada:
Daniel Sanchez
Juan Ordoñez
Rafael Colina

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