Sunday, January 27, 2008

Unit 1: Organization in Writing

On this unit we are going to learn how to write a paragraph.
Class Activities:

  • Theme: Media
  • Reading: Peeping Tom Journalism
  • Style: Paragraphs and topic Sentences
  • Editing: formatting a paragraph – using capitalization
  • Puntuation - Capitalization exercises: Exercises 4 & 5
* These exercises were taken from:Using English for Academic Purposes. A Guide for Students in Higher Education. By Andy Gillett

Lab Activities:

Friday, January 25, 2008

A Love story!

Watch the video and write your opinion about it. Write a short paragraph stating why you liked it or not.

Writing Group Jan-April 2008

Transitional words and phrases

Friday, January 18, 2008

First Writing Course

These was the first writing class that used blogs. That was on April 2007.

Writing Group


Here, there are some tips to get you writing your entries in your blog: It will all depend on what you are writing about. These are some examples of the language you can use.

In class will be reading and discussing about different topics . You can use those ideas you had when reading to write an entry in your blog and practice or expand your writing.


- This text reminds me of something else I've read/am reading...
- This text resonates with something I heard on the news/in another class/from my roommate...
- This text strikes me personally because...
- Offer a critique: "When I came across this line, I really didn't agree. This is why..."

- Today in class we were talking about...and it made me think...
- Something that surprised me today in our discussion was...
- After class, I was still unsure about...

- Our assignment asked the following are some of my initial thoughts...
- I'm thinking about writing about two things...
- For my draft, I wrote about...but now I'm thinking...


- Imagine you are a reviewer (for a magazine, newspaper, maybe even The Michigan Daily)
- Describe your experience writing the most recent assignment (for this class or another)
- Compose a poem or other bit of creative writing that responds to something we've discussed in class
- Relate your experiences surfing related blogs: on writing, revising, technology and the mind, literature, blogger theory, blogs and politics, etc.

These tips were proposed by: lauraaw You can find more interesting tips at her blog English 125.046: Technologies of Writing