Friday, January 25, 2008

A Love story!

Watch the video and write your opinion about it. Write a short paragraph stating why you liked it or not.

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Yohana chiquinquira said...

I saw the video a "love story", for me in the personal, it was a sad video, but at the same time it swhowed the love side between them.
All that, because, they loved share, stay together to do everything, and allowed atraction, love and friendship.
But a bad step damaged everything, she was an accident i her eyes, the boy in return, gave her, his eyes, to see the light, meanwhile he only will see the darkness.
The thing i´d to change is the end of the video. I write, they should be together based each other, Not as the end that had previously. She was alone, without him, because she realized that he gave his life for her,And that made it feel very bad.