Friday, February 19, 2010

Writing a Paragraph:Segunda mitad del noveno

Cantares Del Subdesarrollo
CD (Ruben Blades Productions 19503), Released 2009)

On its review the blog we can read the following quote ...."Cantares is packed with humor, soul and a sincere reverence for the icons of the Puerto Rican barrio, Ismael Rivera and Tite Curet Alonso, as well as for the deep musical roots of Cuba.....

Read the lyrics of one of its songs. Segunda mitad del noveno.You can also listen to the track by downloadingit from our filebox.

Segunda mitad del noveno

Segunda mitad del noveno
Hay gente en la encrucijada y hay que decidir
Entre todos los caminos hay uno solo a elegir
Ahora que te necesito donde has ido Bob Canel
Segunda mitad del noveno
Aquí se decide el juego y no sabemos que hacer

Tiembla la gradería hay mucha emoción
Mucho ruido, mucha bulla pero cero acción
Por eso nos preguntamos a dónde se fue Musiu
Todos los héroes se han ido, todos los héroes se han ido
Con nuestra juventud.

Segunda mitad del noveno
Miedo en primera
Hambre en segunda
Rabia en tercera

“Play ball” gritó el “umpire”
Que no se vaya nadie
Que esto se pone bueno
Ahora que te necesito donde has ido Bob Canel
Segunda mitad del noveno, aquí se decide el juego
Y no podemos perder.
Por eso nos preguntamos a donde estará Musiu
Todos los héroes se han ido,
todos los héroes se han ido con nuestra juventud.

Segunda mitad del noveno.
Segunda mitad del noveno.

After reading the lyrics, write a paragraph stating your opinion of this wonderful song.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Do you have a blog?

Hello! Do you have a blog? yes.. good for you!.. No.. that's not so cool.. :(.. get one...:)..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Connecting Online Live Online Conference for 2010 (CO10)

You are cordially invited to participate online at the live online conference on the weekend of Feb 5-7, 2010. Each presentation will be for 45 min with 15 min for questions and answers. Please fill in the form and choose the day and time that would be suitable for you.

The themes for the presentations are:

* Connecting Online to Improve Instruction and Learning: Online Learning and Instructional Experiences
* Experiences with technology in face-to-face and online classes. What worked and what didn't work for you?
* How do you use technology to promote your online workshops, consultation, and communities?
* Research conducted on e-learning
* Books written on e-learning

Please access and enroll in CO10 Moodle:
The enrollment key is CO10.

Thank you.
The CO10 Team

Welcome Bloggers Jan-apri2010!!!!

Welcome Bloggers ..... ! The adventures begins.... We are really excited for this new edition of ourWriting Group. This group of writers to be look very promising and we are sure we are about to ship off in a great journey...

Carlos Parraga:
Gilberto Mehtar:
Maria Alejandra Lugo Godoy:
Jose Revilla:
Eduardo Ponce:
Ricardo Hernández:
Carlos Vasquez:
Daniel Key:
Andrea Moreno
Javier Medina
Rafael Paredes:
Heberto Bravo:
Willian Abreu
Carlos Linares
Fabiola Vergara
Carlos Molina
Valeria Rosales:
Carlos Vasquez:
Marcos Moncada:
Daniel Sanchez
Juan Ordoñez
Rafael Colina

Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome students Jan-Apr2010

Welcome to our writing class!

Writing can be a fun thing to do, but it needs planning and checking it through. Since  we are EFl students, we are going to learn how to write in a foreign language. That makes it harder. So first thing we are going to do is to check some stages most good writer go trough before they are satisfied that their work is ready to present to their readers.

The first stage of the writing process is the prewriting or planning stage. In this stage you spend time making notes and thinking how to organize your work. The next stage is composing; this is when you write up your notes in sentences and paragraphs. After this comes the important revising stage when you ask yourself questions such as: Does my writing make sense? Have I expressed my ideas clearly enough? Once you are satisfied with your answers to these questions, you are ready to check your work for grammar and spelling mistakes. This is the editing stage of the writing process, and it is followed by the last stage, which is publishing. Publishing is putting the writing into its final form, ready for sharing with others.

Here is a list of the five stages:

Here, there are some tips to get you writing your entries in your blog: It will all depend on what you are writing about. These are some examples of the language you can use.
In class will be reading and discussing about different topics . You can use those ideas you had when reading to write an entry in your blog and practice or expand your writing.

- This text reminds me of something else I've read/am reading...
- This text resonates with something I heard on the news/in another class/from my roommate...
- This text strikes me personally because...
- Offer a critique: "When I came across this line, I really didn't agree.  This is why..."

- Today in class we were talking about...and it made me think...
- Something that surprised me today in our discussion was...
- After class, I was still unsure about...

- Our assignment asked the following are some of my initial thoughts...
- I'm thinking about writing about two things...
- For my draft, I wrote about...but now I'm thinking...


- Imagine you are a reviewer (for a magazine, newspaper, maybe even The Michigan Daily)
- Describe your experience writing the most recent assignment (for this class or another)
- Compose a poem or other bit of creative writing that responds to something we've discussed in class
- Relate your experiences surfing related blogs: on writing, revising, technology and the mind, literature, blogger theory, blogs and politics, etc.

These tips were proposed by: lauraaw  You can find more interesting tips at her blog English 125.046: Technologies of Writing