Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Writing Process

How to write an opening Paragraph. Watch the following flash movie at Brain POP. After you finish watching the video take the quiz and check how you did.

These are the stages to write a nice Paragraph!

Choose a topic you are familiar with.

Prewriting Stage:
Collect ideas and make some notes.

Drafting Stage:
Develop notes into full sentences and write a rough draft.

Revising Stage:
Take your draft and move sentences around.
Change words to make the writing more interesting.
Read your draft out loud and get feedback from friends and family.

Proofreading Stage:
Check your spelling and grammar. Use a check speller or show it to someone else.

Publishing Stage:
Post your paragraph to your blog. Print it and show it to your teacher

These are some guidelines to help you write a good paragraph... remember this when writing your post in your blog.

Source: BrainPOP

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